Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ten Frames-It Makes Sense

My mind is spinning around ten frames and number sense. Our school system has provided great training and some materials to get us started with the Common Core. Included in those materials was the book Number Talks.

I have watched the DVD and read a good portion of it. Then, I took what I was learning and brought it right into my classroom. Now I'm at a point where I've had to talk to the students about how to see it in the most efficient way. I was worried that I would putter out with it, but my sweetie pie friend and I enjoyed revving up the faculty about number talks! So that re-energized me, but what to do about my Kinders who need more? My brain is fried with APA papers, homework, and finals coming up in my UGA math classes. What to DO?

Ta Da...It Makes Sense!

This is the next step! It arrives in two days (thank you Amazon Prime!) I am so pumped to get going on this! I have used ten-frames, dot cards, tally mark cards, large dominos, etc. to do talks with. I know my Kinders will love these! When I was viewing some of the pages, the ideas from this book were great. Updates to come...

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