Monday, April 23, 2012

Grants and Common Core

I love getting things for free!!! So, I do enjoy (yes, I have a sick addiction) writing grants. This year, I've received three of the four grants that I wrote totaling over $1600.00!! I've gotten my HeidiSongs K kit and am currently waiting on these items to arrive:
  1. 2 KP ten frame tile kits
  2. Rekenreks

Our school district is really giving us training in how the Common Core is shifting the way we facilitate learning. Also, with my mathematics classes at UGA, my thinking and teaching has evolved in a way that the students are leading my instruction through their findings and discussion! Math is exciting-even my Kinders think so!

My next grant will be for these ten frame trains. However, I have ordered the starter kit below!!! I cannot wait to use them in my class!
The above items are tools that Kinders will need to explore the Common Core. Yes, I have ten frames galore, but prefer more concrete tools for daily use! The ten-frame trains are larger than the KP ten frame tiles and easier for less coordinated beginning Kinders to use!

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