Thursday, May 10, 2012

Subtraction Bowling

We have been working with different manipulatives to become comfortable with composing and decomposing numbers.My kinders have really enjoyed bowling to see how amounts can increase and decrease. Michelle at Inspired by Kindergarten has a great freebie to go with this game!!! 

We didn't use the sheet until the students felt comfy with telling me how they were solving how many pins remained up. Then, they began recording it together and discussing how to record. Lastly, the game became a partner activity with desk versions of bowling. So much fun!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ten-frame manipulatives

My teaching of number sense has improved this year. I've learned so much and have really applied it with the students! Another factor of growth includes the use of number talks and ten frames like these cool ten-frame trains and tiles! We use the printed kind too, but really prefer the more concrete versions! I can't say enough about these manipulatives!

Today we used the blue ten-frame trains to work on factors to ten. It is a review for some, but additional practice for others. They used dice to find out how many more they needed to get to ten.

 Another activity was representing teen numbers as ten and some more. They really liked this activity. They used two of the clear ten-frame bases and then helped each find out what Ten and _____ more is 16 or another teen number. Then they wrote those numbers as a number bond.