Tuesday, April 24, 2012

KEY words...

Disclaimer: I am not known for being tactful. I apologize in advance!
 Because my way of thinking about mathematics is changing, I am sharing and ready for discussion. Because we are moving to the Common Core, I feel that discussion about current and previous methods should occur. Let me know what you think!

I have seen some of the cutest Key Word (for addition and subtraction) anchor charts all over Pinterest and on others' blogs. While key words may work in some problems, we cannot always rely on key words. This is teaching students in an instrumental way.

Before instrumental learning is taught (teaching the rules), Relational learning (knowing the how and why) should begin. When working with word problems, students (even Kinders!) can usually find strategies to figure out how to find the answer to the problem.

Problem-solving strategies show students how to solve problems that they will eventually encounter when there are no key words, or the key words are used in a different way!

Word Problems Solving Strategies (Naneb, proteacher)

Find a Pattern
Make a Table
Work Backwards
Guess and Check
Draw a Picture
Make a List
Write a Number Sentence
Use Logical Reasoning

  • Amy has 12 ladybugs. How many more ladybugs does she need to have 21 ladybugs altogether?
  • Katie had some pencils. After she gave away 8 pencils, she had 11 left. How many pencils did Katie have at first?

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