Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ten Frame Pinterest Creation

I am so excited that I took a break from school work to create this from a pin that I pinned! I had enough to make one for one of my colleagues too! This is for next year and will help my students with number sense. I got this from fuel the brain. How great is this!?!?

Instead of having a calendar wall, I am turning it into a number corner. I've decided to totally revamp my calendar wall and meeting time to try something new! It will be half the size, but will turn into a mini math lesson each day! 

I just haven't decided if we'll write the number in each block of the ten-frame or just use a bingo/paint dabber to mark off each day of the year. We also have 10 furlough days, so we'll only use 17 of the 18 ten-frames to mark the days of the year!


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