Monday, August 1, 2011

Sight Words

I seem to have sight words on my brain. I use a variety of methods to help students learn sight words, but playing games and using different modalities seem to work the best.  We begin the year with color words. Here is the downloadable set that we use to practice. I have 5 sets placed on rings and students use these in pairs or groups of 3 to practice. I first model how to practice sight words, then allow 2 students to model and explain, then allow the students to practice. One student is the teacher while the partner/group will be the learner(s). My WBT Oh Switch helps to keep this activity directed until this routine is mastered by all.
Color Words flash cards

The other flash cards I use come from Child-1st and gives students a multi-sensory approach to learning sight words. I use these "snap word" cards to introduce all of my sight words! I have a couple of sets because I wrote a grant for them. I punch a hole in the upper corner and use a ring  to sort by list. These are awesome and I couldn't live without them!

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