Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Open House day!

Today is our Open House day. It's from 3p.m.-7p.m. I'll leave for school much earlier than that. I have to redo our outside display. We had a ittle mishap right before I left yesterday. It seems that the air conditioning duct had a leak which pooled up on a ceiling tile. I didn't notice it until it began ruining our decorations. When it broke, it was similar to a dam bursting and water went everywhere. So I'll just fix it before you arrive :) At 5:00 maintenance arrived and I'm sure that when I return this morning, everything will have been magically fixed back to it's prior glory!!! Look for the red Super Learner's Cafe'! I am located 6 doors down the first main hallway when you turn left at the office. I look forward to meeting you!!!

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