Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Really Good Stuff

I was really excited about the really good stuff that I was getting (on sale) from!!!! I was...until my item was shipped only to have the label ripped off and sent back to Well, when I called after tracking it DAILY, they let me know that they would immediately send me replacements. TEN DAYS LATER, I received an email saying that my account has been credited the amount and the item discontinued. Immense disappointment set in only to be replaced with my thinking, WAIT, they sent my shipment back! It's MINE and I want it! One email and two phone calls results. I was at boycott level!! What happened next really NEVER happens to me! Someone higher than the customer service representative called me saying my returned items have been located and will be sent to me for FREE!!!! WOW was all I could say (borrowed from the book we'll read called Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse)! Our class is getting 2 sets of these:
These will be used when the students become Sight Word Kings and Queens. Students who earn those titles will have mastered the first 220 Dolch sight words. I am looking forward to seeing these being used in our room!!!!!


Camille said...

You can't hear me, but I am cheering for you! Great job following up and congrats on what happened next!
An Open Door

Sandra said...

Thank you!!! You're so very sweet!!! I just really wanted these for my rewards and incentives. I also give a big award, sticker, and crown. Then, on Friday of whatever week they master, they run in our school's clapout! They get called over the intercom, line up, and run the entire school's hallways while every student sits in the halls clapping and cheering for them! I love where I work!!!