Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sight Words, Sight Word Queen, and Clap-outs!

We are working extremely hard on learning sight words!!!! Our first list was the color word list. This week I assessed my class on the list and 6 of them know all 11 of the color words!!! they will get to run in the first clap-out of the year. I'm so excited. Keep up the great effort!!!

Our big class news is that one of the students is a Sight Word Queen!!!! She is very pleased and will receive a sight word queen crown and get to run in our school's clap-out. At her desk, she will have a Sight Word Queen chair pocket for the day. I'll present her with an award and treat for her accomplishments!

Our clap-outs allow the students to run through the school's hallways while everyone claps and cheers them on! Students really look forward to this!! Students can run in the clap-outs for mastering each sight word list, getting a VIP for doing something great, or great bus behavior.

Below are the checklist (color words in an earlier post) and Red 1 words that we learn first. I use the snap word cards from child-1st to introduce and practice in class. They get a partner and use the flashcards to practice after I've assessed each student. It is differentiated based on sight word knowledge. I'll soon post where I keep the words so that students get to use them daily!

Sightword Checklist Color-number

Red 1
I run these on card stock and laminate them. Then, I punch holes in the top left corner and put a ring through them. I write the list name on the back and it corresponds to the label on a peg board where it belongs. The students learn where each set belongs and they are in control!!

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