Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Students!!!

Today is the day that my students will receive the letter I sent and our classroom supply list! I'll be able to meet them soon! As soon as I figure out how to post documents, I'll post it. Until then, I'll just paste it below:

Kindergarten Supply List 2011-2012
·       Sturdy bookbag that your child can open and close easily. It needs to be large and wide enough to hold a 2 inch notebook and library book. Please no rolling bookbags.
·       I have ordered a notebook for daily communication. It is $1.25.
·       24 or more plain #2 pencils (to go into a community set to be used by the class)
·       1 pack of cap erasers (to go into a community set to be used by the class)
·       1 bottle of white school glue
·       2-3 packs of 24 regular crayons (the 24 pack includes the color gray, pink, and white along with the basic 8 colors)
·       1 pair of 5” scissors
·       8 or more glue sticks
·       1 box of baby wipes
·       2 boxes of tissues
·       1 bottle of hand sanitizer OR hand soap
·       Headphones for classroom and Computer Lab use (You can supply your own or purchase from school. They are usually $5.50).

Wish List Items
·       Re-sealable baggies (sandwich/quart/gallon)
·       Markers
·       Wiggle eyes
·       Batteries (AA; AAA)
·       Clorox/Lysol Wipes
·       Large Glue sticks for hot glue gun
·       White Paper lunch sacks
·       Men’s small/medium white t-shirts (for use at Thanksgiving)
·       Individually wrapped candy for treats
·       Blue poster putty

P.S. Supplies can be brought to Open House, August 4th, 3-7p.m. 


tmarie said...

Looks good! Do you get most of your stuff? My district went to a common list for all the schools in the district. Easier for parents yes - but not for me. There are several things not on the list anymore that I used a lot! #1 being binders. Oh well, I guess I should be happy most of my parents do provide for their child. Good luck with your list!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Mrs. Coe said...

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Sandra said...

We get a small amount of money for some class supplies. We're also very blessed to have Norcom and other sponsors create a teacher store! They give us awesome supplies and even asked for our input at the end of last year. In return, we don't ask parents for those items. I LOVE my binders!!!! I use a pencil pouch for notes and money and my sight word list goes in a page protector along with my homework calendar.
This year, I'll include some Tim Rasinski repeated readings!!! So good for Kinders.

Mrs. Taska said...

I just started blogging as well. I am now following you and I love the crate seats at the reading table. I saw those on another blog, and now I am really motivated to make them. Also, when you figure out how to post a word document on here, will you let me know. I am also trying to figure it out.

If you wanna come follow me my address is

I hope to hear from you soon!


Sandra said...

Leah, for some reason, I couldn't leave a comment. So, I'll post it here:)
I'm following you now:) Your blog is precious!! You're also so lucky to be able to choose your own theme! We have a schoolwide theme that we design around!
About your Ocean could get a net from the Dollar Tree and some of their luau items to decorate with. We put the students' names on large fish from the Dollar Tree (2 yrs ago) and put it on blue butcher paper. I made sand castles and used spray glue to attach the sand I sprinkled on it. An island with a coconut tree can turn Chicka Chicka Boom Boom into a "Phonics or Math" tree based on concepts 1st graders are learning. When I looped up to 1st grade 5 years ago, I had to think quickly on my feet to manipulate my things to meet my students' needs...especially because I had all of the same students:) I so thankful that I got to return to K again!! Can't wait to see your pics!

Sandra said...

Leah Taska,
I think I've figured out how to upload documents...
Here are the directions:)
1. Create a account at Scribd

2. Upload your document [ Supported: Microsoft Office / PDF / Open Office / Text ]

3. Choose file / document from your PC and click UPLOAD button.

4. Describe Your Documents - You can add categories / description / make it private, click Save Changes.

5. Share Your Documents [this is important] - Scroll window down and find Embed Code click Copy button.

6. Now log in Blogger Dashboard --> New Post --> in Post body/content [edit HTML mode] paste code.

7. That's it.

Let me know how it goes!!!

Alex Quinn 82 said...

Even though the start of the school season as started, it still is a good idea to stock up on classroom supplies to ensure your child never runs out!