Monday, July 25, 2011

Classroom Under Construction...

I'm working to get our room organized and ready for learning. Our school's theme is all about Super Learners. Instead of going for the traditional super hero theme, I opted to steer toward Super Why from PBS kids. The show takes children through early literacy skills that we'll focus on throughout the year.
A before picture of the mess. This was after I set up the tables, desks, rug, and other furniture. I took home a few shelves to paint and repair. I also went through centers and manipulatives to organize. I've been an extremely busy bee *wink*!

I'm so excited about our new chair organizers! I'm looking forward to meeting my new group!!!

This is where we will meet for small group instruction! I recently removed the large chairs and replaced them with our crate seats. I love these and think that my kids will too!!


tmarie said...

Love the crate seats. I just bought my supplies to make these! I can't wait.

Your room is looking good!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

tmarie said...

I blogged about your blog on my blog. (that's a mouthful!) I hope you don't mind me sending a few people your way! I know how it is trying to get started in this blogging world!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Sandra said...

Tessa, you're so sweet! Thanks bunches! Can't wait to see your crate seats!!!!

Jackie Gray said...

Welcome to the BLOGGING world!
Here We Go Loopty Loo